Brief summary

South Sudan the world's newest country. 

On July 9, 2011 after over five decades of war that cost the lives of millions, South Sudan became the world's newest country.

Official Name:Republic of South SudanIndependence Day:
9 July 2011Capital City:

JubaTime Zone:
East African Time (GTM+3)

Official Languages:English
Currency:South Sudan Pound (SSP)
Population:8,260,490 (2008 Census)
Religion: Christianity, traditional African religions and Islam. The majority are Christians.
Egypt, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Kenya, Uganda, Democratic Republic of Congo (DCR), Zimbabwe, Nigeria, South Africa, Australia, Norway, Belgium, UNited Kingdom, Canada and United States of America.

Missions in Juba.
China, Egypt, Eritrea, Ethiopia, France, Germany, India, Italy, Kenya, Libya, Netherlands, Nigeria, Norway, South Africa, Turkey, Uganda, United Kingdom, United States, Zimbabwe.